Davids Tendering Services

David Mureithi

Website: https://au.linkedin.com/in/davidstenderingservices

Phone: 0419 931 134

Core Values.
To be a voice for local businesses by bridging the Tender divide through a personalised understanding of what you do and where you are heading.

My Plan of "Tender attack"
I will engage with you to understand and get your business, demystify the Tender process and map out the best Tender response through:
1. A 30 min free consultation of your business requirements and needs/wants towards Tendering
2. On confirmation to proceed, match key business capabilities to main Tender requirements
3. Thoroughly evaluate business to Tender criteria and provide an unbiased level of success % outcome
4. Make recommendations on improvements for better rate of success (where required)
5. Assist in proofing response (where required)
6. Develop entire response while working closely with the business at every step of the Tender process
7. Seek and provide Tender feedback at close and evaluation of Tender

Other Services
1. Grants and Funding application assistance
2. Winning Business Award application assistance
3. Tender review before submission.